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Porquerolles…the Mexican Connection

On Thursday we took the ferry to Porquerolles, one of the Islands of Hyeres, just a mile or so offshore. The arrow is pointing at our campsite, a stones throw from the harbour. On the way over we chatted to

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Saint Louis

We spent a couple of days travelling down France, stopping at aires near Orleans and then in the Auvergne, then arrived at the medieval walled town of Aigues-Mortes, on the edge of the Camargue, in Provence. We camped in the

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101 Uses For a Lamp Post.

We have had poor wifi connections recently so the blog is a bit behind; we are currently in Spain. After Domme we visited the chateau of Castelnaud, a few miles west down the dordogne valley. It is a lovely castle,

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Early Modern Man and the Gouffre de Proumeyssac

We are in Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil, a little town in the Vezere valley, which has become the de facto prehistoric capital of the region. The town is built under dramatic overhanging limestone cliffs, undercut over the millennia by the flow of

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Lucien and Other Weird Local Fauna

I cycled in to town for the days grub….French bread is superb but does need to be bought fresh each day. As well as the usual baguette I bought a ‘viking’ loaf…dark, almost black, malt and rye flour we thought…delicious.

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Château Brézé……Troglodytes and Pigeon Holes

This is Chateau Breze, a 15th century castle built over a remarkable underground fortification and living area excavated from the living rock over a thousand years ago. The chateau is about 10 miles south-east of Saumur. We came here on

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Costa del Rain.

Yes, I am a bit behind with the blog, and this is me catching up. It is October the 25th, Thursday, and we are heading East along the Costa del Sol, to Cabopino, which is close to Marbella. We walked

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Flamingo Croquet

I spent Tuesday morning landrovering round the Donana National Park, with Javi Tosar, a local guide, in search of the local fauna. Donana is just next to the El Rocio site, and is one of the two remaining habitats for

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El Rocio. We have Snails.

Does the gastronomy of Spain know no bounds? br />;;;;;;;;;;; This is Queen Nia the wise, tucking in to tapas and vino, in El Rocio, a wild west town transposed somehow to Southern Spain. El Rocio was founded in 1270

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