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Costa del Rain.

Yes, I am a bit behind with the blog, and this is me catching up. It is October the 25th, Thursday, and we are heading East along the Costa del Sol, to Cabopino, which is close to Marbella. We walked

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Sandy started here

I have news for all you weather buffs (anoraks?). Hurricane Sandy started here in Puerto de Santa Maria, or possibly just snuck over for a visit on the quiet. It is soaked to the skin in under a minute weather.

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Flamingo Croquet

I spent Tuesday morning landrovering round the Donana National Park, with Javi Tosar, a local guide, in search of the local fauna. Donana is just next to the El Rocio site, and is one of the two remaining habitats for

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El Rocio. We have Snails.

Does the gastronomy of Spain know no bounds? br />;;;;;;;;;;; This is Queen Nia the wise, tucking in to tapas and vino, in El Rocio, a wild west town transposed somehow to Southern Spain. El Rocio was founded in 1270

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Montfrague National Park

We stopped at Camping Montfrague, on the edge of the Montfrague national park, for a few days. Montfrague is in Extremadura, mid Spain. Half way down, on the left side, quite close to Portugal, to be precise. The flower is

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Burgos……Colin under fire

We set off from Zarautz and pointed Mavis South, through the mountains of Northern Spain. When you see Toros appearing through the mist you know you are in the right country…..these large and striking silhouettes are placed along roadsides throughout

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CapBreton to Zarautz…Estamos en Espana.

We have had some blogging gremlins….hopefully this post will appear, if a bit late..if so thanks to Chris…technical back up from Wales. Last night in CapBreton On Friday we drove to Zarautz, which is a small town in Northern Spain,

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CapBreton It was lovely to come back to the aire at Capbreton; we visited here once before on our first French tour in Spring 2010 and we love the place. Breakfast The aire is right on the beach and a

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Heading South

With overcast skies and more rain forecast we decided to press on south. We have marked Camping Le Thouet as a site to return to. It’s on our favourites  list. We had an overnight stop at Camping Bignac, where it

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Cycling to Saumur

Camping Le Thouet is on a cycle route to Saumur so we decided to have a day cycling through the vineyards. We had a beautiful day for it with just the occasional fluffy white cloud but otherwise wall to wall

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