Costa del Rain.

Yes, I am a bit behind with the blog, and this is me catching up. It is October the 25th, Thursday, and we are heading East along the Costa del Sol, to Cabopino, which is close to Marbella.

We walked along a breakwater…about a mile out to sea..before we set off. The rain kindly didn’t start until we were at the end. But it was a good walk and we exchanged pleasantries with various joggers and fishermen we met along the way. We have seen loads of guys fishing on our trip round the med but never a fish caught, so it may just be one other way of getting out of the washing up.

20121029-172611.jpgThis is a prickly specimen I came across in Puerto. There’s quite an interesting cactus in the photo as well.

20121029-172925.jpgThis was an odd structure we passed on the road to Marbella. Anyone know what it is?
We weren’t very impressed with the costa del sol. Apart from the rain, we found it very busy and touristy. We stayed at Kawan village Cabopino, 12 km east of Marbella. There was a good beach, but you had to cross a 4 lane dual carriageway to get to it. We weren’t brave enough to cycle anywhere and we only stayed one night. The site itself had very closely packed pitches, and a couple of pricy restaurants. Not a good site for dogs.

20121029-173637.jpgThis was a defensive towery thingy on the way to the beach. The front door is about 7 metres above ground level. Good for when you are besieged by marauding Moors, but not so handy when you come home late at night after a few beers too many.

20121029-174025.jpgThese are the instructions for repelling boarders. Looks like you throw fireworks at the unwanted guests, whilst the Missus prepares tapas on that campfire on the roof. Neat.


Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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2 comments on “Costa del Rain.
  1. Bella says:

    It isn’t a structure at all. It’s a giant parsnip being grown for the local vegetable show.

  2. Bella says:

    And ‘tee hee hee’ about the earlier photo and caption.

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