Burgos……Colin under fire

We set off from Zarautz and pointed Mavis South, through the mountains of Northern Spain.

When you see Toros appearing through the mist you know you are in the right country…..these large and striking silhouettes are placed along roadsides throughout Spain.

By the time we got to Burgos, the sun was out. We stopped at the Fuentes Blancas campsite. This is beside the river, very pleasant and has a cycle track running along the river side, all the way to the centre.

Towards the centre of Burgos

This is the way in to the old city. We left our bikes here and carried on on foot.

View from just outside the old city.
We met a delightful couple from Australia/New Zealand here…Kate and Lawrence, on a (very) extended tour of the wineries of Europe. By chance they were staying on the same campsite as us and we met up that evening for a glass or two of wine.

Burgos cathedral; third largest inSpain, first stone laid in twelve hundred and something.
We walked up past the cathedral to the castle. Unfortunately there was a wedding going on and someone let some firecrackers off near Colin. He was certain someone was firing at him and would have been past Madrid in a thrice, whatever that is, if he hadn’t been attached to Miss steady under fire Penny.

We moved on to the castle above Burgos with poor Colin shaking like an aspen.

View of Burgos from the castle.


Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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2 comments on “Burgos……Colin under fire
  1. Julie says:

    Poor Colin. I hope he’s recovered. Charlie hates stuff like that so we’re all glad we’re not in the UK at the moment.


    • He’s okay now thanks Julie, luckily it didn’t put him off his food….at all. In fact he had to have extra ‘gravy bones’ to recover from the shock.
      Loved the pic of Charlie propping up the leaning tower – what a clever dog.
      Nia xxx

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