Cycling to Saumur

Camping Le Thouet is on a cycle route to Saumur so we decided to have a day cycling through the vineyards. We had a beautiful day for it with just the occasional fluffy white cloud but otherwise wall to wall sunshine and very pleasantly warm.

We peddled the 12 miles, taking our time, occasionally asking directions from the grape harvesters along the way. We passed several splendid chateaux and got slightly lost on the outskirts of Saumur but found the centre after a few pointers from the locals.

The restaurant we chose for lunch was run by a very friendly chef who took a real shine to the dogs and introduced them to all his friends as they passed his café.

He brought them water and then some lardons so was very popular with Colin.

A Prehistoric bridge we saw on the way back

On our return to the campsite the dogs decided to cause a bit of chaos. Some English people in a motorhome had parked a few metres from us and Penny ambled over to meet and greet; on receiving a warm welcome from the new people she invited herself into their motorhome and then settled on the carpet in the doorway basking in the sunshine. Meanwhile Colin slipped into Mavis unnoticed and liberated half a baguette.


Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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2 comments on “Cycling to Saumur
  1. Chris R says:

    What? No ospreys?

  2. Chris R says:

    If you are still at Montreuil don’t forget to visit Breze just up the road from you.

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