1 Mosaic

We left Trier on Friday morning and followed the Moselle down to Pont-à-Mousson. On the way we stopped by at Nennig to see this spectacular Roman mosaic, uncovered by chance by a farmer in 1853 it is the largest Roman mosaic north of the alps. It formed the floor of a rich Roman’s reception room and has 8 tableaux depicting scenes from the amphitheatre. It wasn’t clear from from the leaflet we picked up why the Romans had settled here…farming perhaps, or trading on the Moselle. Maybe like us they just wanted to nick in to Luxembourg…a mile away over the bridge at Remich…to fill up with cheap diesel…a smidge over a euro a litre.

2. mosaic

The mosaic artist has produced intricate patterns from innumerable tiny tiles…a very early pixellated image.

3. mosaic

He has captured the narked expressions of these two having a domestic.

7. Port de Plaissance

We stayed that night at Pont-à-Mousson on the Moselle.
The aire is on a marina…you have to go and pay at the harbourmasters office (what I think La Capitainerie translates to).

5. Pont a Mousson

We left Mavis on the waterfront and went exploring. Don’t forget to put the handbrake on.

6. Pont Church

One of the pretty churches in the town. There was a market in the morning and we stocked up on strawberries, cherries and a lot of smelly cheese. Not to mention a baguette to scoff it with. We love French food.

8. Blue Arsed Fly

I think the scientific term for this bug is a ‘Blue Arsed Fly’

9. swans

A scene of domestic bliss by the aire. Mr Swan is guarding the nest while his Mrs nods off on the family eggs.

Time for an omelette?

Egg Watch

After the visit to the market we upped sticks and set off towards St Dizier in champagne country.


Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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