Get close to the Piglet

Colin Chilling

Colin Chilling

The sun has returned and Colin was straight out there working on his tan.

Marsh Harrier?

Marsh Harrier?

Marsh Harrier?

Marsh Harrier?

We saw this boy circling over one of the reserves by the campsite, from the early morning walk. Marsh Harrier? It looks a bit like the picture in Wikipedia.

To Market

To Market

It is market day today in L’Estartit and we cycled in first thing (11.30 am)

Iles Medes

Iles Medes

The Islands from which the campsite, Camping Les Medes, takes its name are just offshore, on the right as you cycle in to town.

Market L'Estartit

Market in L’Estartit

We picked up a bit of fruit and veg for lunch and stopped for coffee overlooking the town square. We met a friendly Irish couple who divided their lives up between Manchester, a caravan in County Antrim and an apartment in L’Estartit. Property is cheap here at the moment, by UK standards.

Chris and Jen

Chris and Jen

Tony and Rose, and Mark and Penny have moved on now but Chris and Jennifer are here for a couple more days; they showed us how to play pétanque. You have to get your boule ( a heavy metal ball… Nia is chucking one in the next pic) as close as possible to the litle orange ball which is called a cochonnet. This is apparently French for piglet. It was great fun ane we are now on the look out for a second hand set of boules.



It was girls vs. boys and somehow the girls won…not sure why but they must have cheated somehow.


Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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6 comments on “Get close to the Piglet
  1. liz says:

    You can find a set of boules de pétanque in any decathlon shop, the best brand is O’but, short for straight to the goal, China came up with a copy version of the game set and you can imagine the buzz that created in France, not to mention the studies with the boules cutting in half to check how it was made, the quality of the steel used, the weight, the balance of the boule when rolling on the ground….. and in the end of course… they are not worth it!! 😉 just saw a TV show last week explaning that even the Pondichery Petanque Club is importing theirs from France, we’re talking serious business when it comes to Pétanque!! enjoy the game, and try to get a glas of Pastis with it, the scene will then be complete ;-))) jave fun guys!
    love your posts!

  2. Jim Palmer says:


    We have a set of boules so when you get home we’ll have a competition on the gravel in the drive,


  3. Rosie Pike says:

    Nice action Nia, no wonder the girls won! So pleased to see the sun is back out again, we are freezing!

    • Yes…she’s got a mean right hook as well.
      We’ve found another epic restaurant, a bit further away this time, so we’ll have to meet up here again next year.

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