L’Estartit to Narbonne Plage

We are heading home to the UK; the next few posts may only be of interest to other boring old gaffers with motorhomes who like to ramble along slowly, and like to read about stopovers and routes through France.

Yesterday we did the 100 mile or so hop to an aire at Narbonne Plage, via the non-toll roads. We left Camping Les Medes at noon and drove about a mile up the road to the big GP supermarket where we stocked up with cheap goodies for Christmas. The supermarket, close to L’Estartit on the main road in from Torroella, has a large car park and is perfect for motorhomes.

Lunch Stop

Lunch Stop


We stopped for a (late) lunch at this picnic pull off just to the south of Perpignan.

We drove up the non-toll roads through Spain and France, following the green (Route National) signposts to Narbonne where we turned off right to Narbonne Plage.

Roman Columns

Roman Columns

We spotted these Roman columns on a roundabout as we drove round Narbonne towards Narbonne Plage. Narbonne, wikipedia tells me, was the first roman city in France. The Romans were in charge until 413, when it was taken over by those naughty Visigoths.

Aire at Narbonne Plage

Aire at Narbonne Plage

We are in splendid isolation here on the aire, looking out over the Mediterranean. Well not quite alone…the attendant was just leaving as we arrived so was able to lift the 10 euro overnight fee from us. If you arrive overnight you can just lift the barrier by hand to get in, and the attendant comes back at 8 in the morning, and turns the water on.

Aire GPS: N 43.146965, E 3.154099

View along the Beach to Narbonne Plage

View along the Beach to Narbonne Plage at Dusk

The aire is about a half mile south of the village Narbonne Plage.

View from the Kitchen Window

View from the Kitchen Window

Coffee with the Missus

Coffee in Narbonne Plage

We walked into Narbonne Plage in the morning, for coffee with the Missus (Nia is the one on the right) and to pick up a baguette and Tartelette aux Pommes.
Today we drive 73 miles further north to an aire at La Couvertourade, Nia picked it out….it is in the mountains somewhere…looks good in the aires book. Watch this space.


Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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2 comments on “L’Estartit to Narbonne Plage
  1. Kate says:

    Have a good trip home, both. As always, you’ve found some wonderful places and now I’m waiting for the next book. Hasta Luego!

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