Autumn 2012….we have set off.

Day 1…..Llandovery to Black Horse Caravan Site, Kent

We set off at the crack of dawn…10.30 am…from South Wales, for a leisurely 277 mile cross country drive to the Black Horse caravan site, just off the M20, about 4 miles from the channel tunnel entrance. We were buzzed by a wing walker on a yellow biplane half way down the M4, which must be a good omen.

There is a good dog walk at this site, two or three miles through woods, but you have to traverse a ploughed field to get to it, Farmer Giles having been busy with his plough on the footpath. We met Jean and Arthur here last Spring…Jean rising 77 and about to marry Arthur (ex red arrows pilot, due to become her fourth husband), and it is on their recommendation that we are going to try out the channel tunnel tomorrow. Jean memorably advised Nia that several changes of husband were fine, as long as you “move upmarket each time”. I am clearly on borrowed time.

Crossing the Severn.

Our escort down the M4. What is he saying? Suggestions please.

Short of material today so this is one of me on Mavis, a few days ago,   having been summoned from my shed for pressure washing duties.


Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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10 comments on “Autumn 2012….we have set off.
  1. Me says:

    Good to see you are back on the road again, and look forward to your pithy commentaries!! Safe journeys from M&A in Leeds.

    • Thanks you chaps. You can tell A. I am only just beginning to recover from out epic trek on the Dales Way in the snow!!
      Hope to see you both again before too long,
      Love Nia xxx

  2. Kate Robertson says:

    It was good to spend a little time with you both before your new epic journey. The aged P is settled back in, and we are all tuned in to the blog for news of adventures, and of days off, relaxing in the sun, with the occasional polite game of Bananagrams to pass an evening or two. K.

    • It was great to see you too. I’m pleased Dad has recovered.
      You have created a monster with Bananagrams – you brother/in law is a demon with the smutty words.
      love to you all,
      Nia xxxx

  3. Chris says:

    He is saying “My motorhome is this big!”

  4. Chris and Kate says:

    We like the photo of Peter on Mavis’s roof: Captions: 1. Brewers droop? Or, 2. No, Dylan, that’s not where you put the diesel, either. Or, 3. The Piddler on the Roof?

  5. Jim Palmer says:

    Dear Pete & Nia,

    Delighted that you are off to a flying start, but mildly jealous of your prospect of warmer climes. We are here with our jolly sea kayak crew ensconsed in a stunning farmhouse on Armaddy Bay, south of Oban. We are blessed with every comfort ashore, which is just as well because the weather continues to misbehave, with winds 4-7, and spectacular squalls of rain. Our leaders are stretched to find sheltered water, but we have had a first day of splendid paddling.

    Have fun! Looking forward to seeing you in a month or so, but don’t you dare come back with a tan.

    Jim & Val

    • Hi Jim & Val,
      Pleased you are managing to get out in your kayak, though I must say that I’d be more inclined to be making the most of the comforts ashore.
      Have a great holiday.
      We are working on our tans 🙂
      Love Nia xxx

  6. Mike and Maureen says:

    You lucky devils!
    Peter is saying “OK Nia! OK! I’ll wash Mavis!”

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