Italy..Monte Carlo..Cote d’Azur..Nice

Saturday 31st March we drove from Cecina, N. Italy to Cagnes sur Mer. Cagnes is a small town in the south of France, about 12 km west of Nice. We passed Monte Carlo en route…I had offered to put a mates retirement lump sum on the red in the casino there….pretty much a dead cert I thought. Couldn’t persuade him.

The roads were a tadge busy, especially the last 10 km, through Nice. There was a toll every few km as we hit the coast road….no joke when the passenger has to pretty much climb out of the window to reach the slot into which you have to stuff the euros….a motorhome window being half way between the pay in heights for cars and HGV’s. Nia drove, I did the gymnastics.

We ended up on a friendly campsite about 200m from the sea, called the Veille Ferme, at Cagnes sue Mer.

These are the upmarket apartments at Cagnes….ship shaped from a distance and sprouting many a tree from the balconies. They are linked to marinas, see below:

Only the very well heeled need apply to live here.

View from the seafront at Cagnes.

On the Sunday we cycled to Nice. This is a truly spectacular ride along the seafront, shared with fellow bikers, pedestrians, roller skaters, in line skaters and a few pigeons, all enjoying the sun.

This is the cycle track through Cagnes, past the yachts, about 2.5 millions worth per metre we thought.

A little further along the cycle track.

There is plenty to look at along the way.

This is the Promenade des Anglais..entering Nice, just past the aeroport.

Typical Nice seafront hotel or apartment.

Square in Nice

We parked the bikes on the seafront, and parked ourselves in a cafe overlooking the Cote d’Azur, then tucked into entrecôte and vino.

The view looking west across Nice bay. The water is a lovely deep blue. It really is the azure coast.

Cool Nice fashionista.

More nice Nice architecture.

Les chiens were much admired. Or maybe they just wanted to talk to the crazy English cyclistes.

Palais de la Mediteranee

Chief rickshaw driver taking a breather.


Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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