Breakfast under the Channel


In typical Jennings style we arrived at the channel tunnel terminal over an hour before take off time, and caught an earlier train…they will generally fit you in, if there is space, anytime within 2 hrs either side of your booked time.

This is Mavis driving into the belly of the train…pretty much like heading in to a starship…lots of bright lights and aluminium…. We warped through under the channel in about 30 minutes and had time for a leisurely breakfast. There is not a lot to see out of the windows. Just a few fish swimming by. Pleasingly we popped up in France, as planned, and set off South directly, via the non peage roads.

Pont de Brotonne

This is the Pont de Brotonne, over the Seine, and turning left a couple of km further on takes you to an Aire at La Mailleraye-sur-Seine….an amazing spot where you park about 10 feet from the banks and watch the barges and other watercraft chugging up and down to and from Rouen.

La Mailleraye-sur-Seine



We walked up to the Pont, along what we used to call a towpath… past fields of  ripening sweet corn, then back for the Mavis plat de jour…chicken tikka massala.


Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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4 comments on “Breakfast under the Channel
  1. Nick Lavies says:

    Bon voyage mes amis. Je suis en angleterre!

    My email has changed to :

    Have a great hol.
    Love from nikolos

  2. marksutton329 says:

    it’s nice to read that you and Peter are back on the road and still enjoying your little adventures away in Mavis. I hope you have a safe trip, take care,
    love and best wishes

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