Our next motorhome….the eco option….I will ask Nia to start training.
Wind power circa many years ago.

This is an old windmill at Carboneras, a Spanish coastal town in the Cabo de Gâta natural park, where we stopped overnight on the way South.

Promenade at Carboneras

There is a nice be-palmed cycle track. We cycled out to the west of the town but there is a big industrial/port complex here which isn’t very pretty.

There is a good seafood restaurant behind these palms, to the east of the town, where Nia had Lubina, or sea bass, and I had Bacalao, or cod.

Lovely starter..tomatoes, anchovies, salmon, sardines and balsamic vinegar.

Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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8 comments on “Carboneras
  1. Richard GERMAIN says:

    Looks good. Can I ask a question please. We are planning to go to France then through to Spain in June. As it’s our first time going to Spain in a campervan, is there anything we need extra to do paperwork wise than France, also taking a dog?

    • Hi Richard, no border checks France to Spain so once you are in France you just drive thru into Spain without stopping. I would bring all your dogs vaccination certificates, but we have only once , in France, been asked for them on a campsite. Never in Spain.
      The bigger campsites in Spain usually want to see your passports. Small ones don’t usually bother.
      Pretty relaxed here in Spain, only asked once for Covid vacc certification.

  2. jandvpalmer says:

    Great Blog, thanks. We stayed at the other.end of the Cabo de Gata a few years back at this time of year and found the national park almost deserted. There is some fantastic scenery. Were in the.midst of a run of Atlantic storms here. Stay south!

  3. Kate Robertson says:

    Lovely blue skies and very tempting food, what’s not to like? Thanks for the photos! x

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