Marjal Costa Blanca

Sunset over the Campsite

Elvis, Robot waiters, Flamingos…It’s all here…

The Alannia resort at Crevillent is not to everyone’s taste; it’s very big, maybe 500-1000 pitches, and well provided with stuff to do; heated swimming pool, sauna, pétanque, Padel (like tennnis but slightly smaller courts), and so on.

The site is between Alicante and Torrevieja, and close to the towns of Catral and Elche. Catral is within easy cycling range and has some good restaurants and shops, including a massive Chinese warehouse shop stocking everything that you would never want or need. But fun to walk round.

The campsite Plaza

Barbecue on the Plaza

Robot waiter on the Plaza. (Took food to the wrong table 😂😂)
Non-robot waitress serving nibbles and Pina colada’s on our pitch.

Off duty waitress quaffing generous measure of Baileys

Elvis impersonator in the bar at night. Good singer but needs to put some weight on.
Pétanque with Alastair and Kate.
Lunch at the Chinese in Catral. More than you can possibly eat and drink. 8 euros a head.
Entrance to Marjal. We are on route to the nature reserve.
The Nature reserve about 2 k from the campsite. Stuffed with flamingoes and loads of other pretty waterfowl.
Flamingoes lunching on worms, snails etc. I guess.
One of the many hides on the reserve.
Moonlit Marjal Palm

Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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2 comments on “Marjal Costa Blanca
  1. Remember playing pétanque with you there a few years ago….happy memories 😊😊 Hopefully we can catch up one day

    • Hi You two! Yes, remember it well. You got us started on pétanque then. We were rubbish then . We’ve played a lot now. We’re still rubbish.
      Do you still come down in the motorhome?

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