We stopped off in Bordeaux for a few hours, to get a couple of bits added to the camping car and explore some old favourite places. Next stop is Figueres in Catalunya, and the Salvador Dali museum.

Coco’s First Trip on a Tram.
Looking Down towards Les Girondins Monument
Bathtime at the Statues of the Girondins but sadly no water at the moment. The miroir d’eau, the lovely flooding square on the Bordeaux waterfront, was also dry.
Bored Delivery Driver on the Pont de Pierre.
Bored Seagull on fancy Streetlight.
Place de la Bourse

The Opera House
Lunch at La Place de Parlement.

Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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23 comments on “Bordeaux
  1. Kate Dutton says:

    How lovely to see you all! I was only thinking about you yesterday….(does this mean my phone can now read my thoughts as well as listen to me? )

  2. Liz Throup says:

    Looks like fun! Nowt like a bit of normality after the last 2 years of control. Love from YorkshireXx

  3. Richard GERMAIN says:

    Hi, looks great. May I ask how easy it was to take the dog, now Brexit has put a stop to the UK pet passport. We a looking to travel soon, but getting a bit concerned about the AHC and new rules.
    Have a great time and thank you.

    • Hi Richard, nice to hear from you. I am afraid we can’t help on the dog front because we moved to France about five years ago and it has to be said moving around Europe with the dog is very simple now. But we have had friends going to and from the UK with their pets and I think once you have the health certificate it is straightforward.

      • Richard GERMAIN says:

        Thank you, that would be our ultimate dream to move to France. How do you get on with the 90 days in 6 months or are you now totally French?

      • We live here all the time; we sold our house in England and have a residency permit, pay taxes here etc.

  4. brigitte antelme says:

    Hello Nia, Peter and Coco !
    Very happy to ear from you ! No news for a long time !
    i thought you had sold the motor home !
    Really very happy to see you again with still beautiful photos!
    My english still horrible !!!!….Sorry
    Bon Voyage !
    take care

  5. Mal Hilton says:

    Great to see the “travels” blog has been reinstated and remember the early posts fondly. They were a source of inspiration when we first switched to motorhoming and now it’s great to see you enjoying the sunshine while we suffer a seriously wet and windy day in front of the wood burner! We now have two lots of 6 weeks booked on the tunnel and cannot wait to get abroad again. Enjoy and safe travels. Mal & Sheila xx

    • Yes I have fond memories of toasting myself in front of a wood burner in deepest Cumbria !!! Hopefully you will find your way to our part of France sometime before too long, Best wishes

  6. Stephen Mears says:

    Hello, pleased you’re back!

  7. sue knutton says:

    Well what a surprise! You’ve just popped up in my inbox. Enjoyed following your travels and then you went very quiet. We met probably 9 years ago on the Northern Lights cruise. We’re away in Suffolk at the moment enjoying some R&R after a very stressful house move. Your blog from Bordeaux brought back good memories of when we lived in France. One of our favourite restaurants was La Tupina in Bordeaux. Enjoy some sunshine for us, we haven’t been abroad since March 2020 – I wonder why? Resuming travels this summer hopefully.

    Best wishes Sue and John Knutton

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Hi Sue, no probably about it, you’re the one who started Nia on her martini habit, on deckchairs somewhere well north of the Arctic Circle!! Where did you move to? Love to you both, P&N (Or maybe the probably referred to the timescale, not the venue 😂😂😂)

      • Sue and John says:

        We’re now living in Ticknall Derbyshire. Lovely village which also has Calke Abbey.
        Where’s home for you in France? We lived in the Double forest.
        Bet it’s warmer where you are than in Aldeburgh where at present it feels like -4, although is probably just about 0!


      • We are in the Lot et Garonne, close to Villereal, about 30 minutes south of Bergerac. So not very far from your old home. I am on the conseil in our village, the only anglais. It’s fun!

  8. mags52 says:

    Really good to see your blog appearing again. We wondered if you had moved to France as the last blog post was called Brexit. Happy travels! Mags and Shirley

  9. Rosie Pike says:

    Whoop whoop! Seeing your blog is very exciting and feels like life is getting some normality back into it. Look forward to reading your posts, safe travels and we hope to be able to call in on you on way back from Spain in October.

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