Claybottom Farm.

Claybottom Farm.

We are now officially homeless after selling Claybottom Farm; sale completed Friday, on the ferry Sunday.

On the M6

On the M6

We set off at 4am and drove down a deserted and misty M6.

The Krays

The Krays

The Krays took it easy.

M6 Toll Services

M6 Toll Services

We are towing a car for the first time to allow us to properly explore our destination, the Lot et Garonne department in Aquitaine.

We caught the 2.45 pm ferry from Portsmouth to Caen.

On the Ferry

On the Ferry

Aren’t the French matelots fantastique? They think of everything, even a chest full of emergency brassieres.

SS Theresa May

SS Theresa May

This is one of our newest warships, seems to be aground, fine on the port side as we steamed out of Portsmouth. If you look carefully you can see Theresa May. She is polishing one of the gunports, getting ready for a bit of gunboat diplomacy, should brexit negotiations not go in our favour.

La Manche est Tranquille

La Manche est Tranquille

We had a nice calm crossing and docked at Caen at 8pm, just in time for a walk on Sword beach then a quiet night on the aire at Ouistreham.


Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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42 comments on “Brexit
  1. nomaggsrush says:

    Have a great time 🙂

  2. crissieb2015 says:

    Don’t forget to leave a forwarding address when you get one! Cx

  3. Alan Chalmers says:

    Hi Peter

    Re homeless. Where are you staying when you get back?


  4. colin gaskell says:

    Bon voyage mes amis
    Colin and Paul the boys from Pontefract

  5. liz says:

    Welcome to France!! I’ll visit next time I head down to Andernos on the Bassin d’Arcachon!!
    Enjoy! Xxxx

  6. John and susie cross says:

    Peter and Nia , have a great trip . We think all us humans should take a leaf out of the krays book and take this moving house lark in our stride like they have . They are hiding the stress so well ! Please give them a pat on the back from Susie and me .

    • Colin only gets stressed when his humans are feeding and not sharing…
      We have dined out on your fantastic wine tasting skills a few times!
      love to Salty
      Peter and Nia xxx

  7. Denise MacLean says:

    How wonderful to see Mavis (and crew) back on the road! Safe travels…and enjoy!

  8. Tony & Rose says:

    Great to see you two as the Brexit Advance Party, be hard with your negotiations, any trouble, we ‘ll send Mrs May to the rescue .
    Mavis looks heavy, did you have a job stopping Nia taking everything bar the Kitchen Sink Peter (good job you’ve one of those on board)
    Keep on blogging you know we all love you two.
    Have fun Tony

  9. We will be following your adventures once more, and await news of progress with enthusiasm!

  10. Gordon says:

    Have a great time!
    All the best

  11. brigitte says:

    hello Nia et Peter !
    Very very nice to see you again !
    be happy everywhere you go !
    caresses aux krays

  12. Sandra and Bob says:

    How exciting ..We’re looking forward to reading about your travels.. love and hugs Sandra and Bob (Cabo).

  13. Mal @ Sheila Hilton says:

    Hi Peter & Nia, congratulations on a very quick sale and wishing you well on your travels. It only seems a few weeks ago that Peter T told us you were selling and already you are in France! Good for you. Thanks for giving us the link to the blog, way back, and for keeping posting them … Enjoyable reads. We have just booked the tunnel today for our first winter trip in the van – November in Portugal – and so I’ll be re-reading your blogs for recommend stops etc. If you have a spare minute do you have any recommended stops with vets for the return from France/Spain? We have the 2 Labs and the only important piece in the jigsaw is the last one i.e. Good places for fair vets! Wish you every success in your searches and hope to catch up when you’re back in Cumbria or maybe on our way south/north on the continent. Mal & Sheila xx

    • Hi Guys, Portugal sounds good…keep in touch and we may be able to meet up somewhere. We are heading back to the UK about the third week in November. Re vets…there is a good one at La Mailleraye sur Seine…also a good aire here. It has just been rejigged and you would need to check it is open in November…if info not in aires book then ‘phone Mairie. Avoid vet on Honfleur quayside. When are you returning and how long will you take to transit France?…there is a 1 day to 5 day window for the vet. All the Best…Peter and Nia

      • Mal @ Sheila Hilton says:

        Hi … Many thanks for your reply. Checked the location for the vets and it looks like a good spot. We’ve used a few in France with some good and some very expensive. We were thinking of one further south this time as we have the 5 days and it maybe better to stay warmer for longer! I wondered if there were any on the Spanish side which may be cheaper. Got this one added to the growing list! We’re travelling down on 27 Oct and returning from Calais on 27 Nov. Like other trips we may now be changing our minds and head into Spain this time … I guess we’ll just head south and see where the mood takes us. Have you found anywhere you fancy in the Dordogne/Lot? Might just get chance to catch you on route in either direction … Keep in touch and good hunting, Mal & Sheila xx

  14. Ad en Riet van Uden says:

    Welcome to the main land.
    Do we see you in Marjal?

    Best regards,
    Ad and Riet

  15. jean says:

    Looking forward to hearing more of your itinerant life. We have definitely got the same bug and looking forward to planning our next trip.


  16. Mal @ Sheila Hilton says:

    Hi Peter & Nia. Hope you’re well and that plans are progressing. We are meandering south towards Spain beginning in the tunnel on Friday early morning. We’ll probably we passing within striking distance of Bergerac on Sun/Mon. Have you a decent campsite/aire nearby? We thought we might drop in for a catch up if you have an hour or two for a small glass or two?
    Hope to hear from you.

    Take care,

    Mal & Sheila xx

  17. Steve Mears says:

    Are you ok…..deafening silence?

    • Yes….been a bit busy exploring the Lot et Garonne to blog recently! Hope you are both well…..where are you at the moment?

      • Steve Mears says:

        Aye….all good here…..staying put until May, then off to SW France, across the Pyrenees and possibly into Catalonia.
        Our (brand new) van is off the road, having lots of warranty work done….we haven’t seen it for a month….wish we’d kept the old one!!!
        Just finished the mince pies for Christmas!
        Have a great trip

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