Sword Beach to Hendaye Plage

Day 2

Day 2

On Tuesday we woke to a chilly 2 deg C in Ouistreham and after a brief but bracing walk on Sword beach, (one of the the D-day landing beaches, just by the aire) set off south. We landed at the Futuroscope Aire near Poitiers, about half way down France, by evening. Futuroscope is a French theme park with 3D films, and other multimedia stuff. It looked good but we thought we would visit the theme park itself another day when it was warmer.

Sunrise at Futuroscope

Sunrise at Futuroscope

These are the sculptures which guard the entrance to the theme park.



The way in to futuroscope.

Aire at Hendaye Plage

Aire at Hendaye Plage

A wet Hendaye Plage was the next stop. This is a coastal town in the SW of France, very close to the Spanish border. We spent the night at the aire here, about a half mile from the beach. The aire has been smartened up since we last visited with our friends Bob and Mirv, about 3 years ago, and is now fitted with a barrier and a ten euro entrance charge.

Basque Country

Basque Country

This is Basque country and the road names all have Basque and French versions.

Hendaye Plage Seafront

Hendaye Plage Seafront

We walked down to the seafront and watched the waves trying to jump in to the road. The building in the distance is the old casino. Closed for gambling now I think but we had a nice glass of wine here on the last visit, on their terrace.

The Old Casino

The Old Casino

We plan to drive across Spain tomorrow…the forecast is not good for Portugal for the next few days..


Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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5 comments on “Sword Beach to Hendaye Plage
  1. Chris/ Belgian Beauty (= our motorhome, not me) says:

    Enjoy the drive and be careful!

  2. Rosie Pike says:

    Hi Peter.
    You know how to make a woman happy, put her behind the wheel in your Motorhome and tell her to head South. The look on Nia’s face says it all. You must be glad to get away. The storms have been relentless since your last return In your necked the woods. We in the south have had it cushy , only two frosty spells all winter, quite a bit of rain but so mild with some blossom two months early. Just as well as we settled on April for our next trip ,one reason being is Sport Relief 3mile run last time with you ,2years ago in Nanancourt on the 20th of March. I’ve been training by joining the PARKRUN organisation , jogging every sat. Morning. Hoping to find some in Spain
    Sorry all that boring stuff
    Looking forward to your exploration of Portugal , always enjoyed our package holidays there
    Keep your young Nia happy by heading South

    Regards Tony&Rose.

  3. nomaggsrush says:

    Forecast (and actual weather) cold and wet everywhere 😦

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