L’Estartit…Moonrise over Les Medes


On Thursday we drove 25 miles down the coast to Camping Les Medes ( N 42.042504, E 3.183582) near the coastal town of L’Estartit. This is a friendly medium sized site with a few things going on even in the low season; I joined in a Spanish lesson in the late afternoon.

Beach at L'Estartit

Beach at L’Estartit

There is a well paved cycle track along the seafront to the village of L’Estartit which is less than a mile to the north. Like many of the seaside towns in Spain it was originally a fishing village which expanded dramatically with the tourist boom but visitor numbers (according to Wiki) are now declining.

Harbour at L'Estartit

Harbour at L’Estartit

We cycled past the harbour and up the hill overlooking the village and bay.

Medes Islands

Medes Islands

Just offshore are the Medes Islands from which the campsite takes its name.

Looking south to L'Estartit

Looking south to L’Estartit

100 m or so above L'Estartit

100 m or so above L’Estartit

Evening sky over the Mediterranean

Evening sky over the Mediterranean

Moonrise over the Medes Islands

Moonrise over the Medes Islands


Today Friday we are planning to cycle to Toroella de Montgri, a town a little inland which is the capital of the area.


Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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7 comments on “L’Estartit…Moonrise over Les Medes
  1. crbtaylor says:

    Hi to you both, loving your weather, we travelled along that coast last November, in the rain,think we may have to follow you next year! Happy Travels, Colin, Gill & Millie

  2. crbtaylor says:

    At a campsite just outside Porto, Villa Cha as need to do some washing! The whole of this coast is not good for the next few days. Think we’ll make a dash for the Algarve, should be warmer if nothing else.

    • We were thinking about Portugal next year…do you need some sort of gadget for the toll roads or do you just avoid the tolls?
      Weather wise we have been sunny here for a few days; the locals tell us it is a warmer snap than usual for this time of year.

  3. Chyrel says:

    Thank you for sharing this lovely images. So beautiful!

    • Thank you. It is very photogenic around here. I cheat and use an app called the photographers ephemeris (thanks Peter Temple if you are tuned in) which tells me exactly when and where the sun and moon rise and set each day.

  4. crbtaylor says:

    Sorry Peter, only just found your comments re the tolls in Portugal. If you’ve been following us you will see it is a mine field. Designed to confuse! Some use the electronic number plate recognition for which you register at the country entry points, others use the traditional tickets. We met a guy who thought because he had registered his credit card it covered him for all the motorways and didn’t take a ticket on one, he was charged €94 excess charge. We have gone with, if there is a ticket barrier take one just in case, actually on the electronic tolls there are no ticket booths, so a bit of a clue. Hope this is helpful, Colin & Gill

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