Whelkome to South Korean Cuisine.

We are at Camping de Sologne, 43 miles south of Orleans. This is a pleasant medium sized ACSI site on a lake in the small town of Salbris. ( GPS N 47.430214 E 2.054411 )

The Lake at Camping de Sologne

The Lake at Camping de Sologne

The site was recommended to us by Barry and Val, a delightful couple that we met in Pont de L’Arche. Barry is involved in the export of whelks to South Korea where they are valued for their perceived aphrodisiac qualities.


We are parked between bushes on the lakeside.


Our Track So Far

Our Track So Far

We are heading East today, in the general direction of Lake Annecy.


Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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2 comments on “Whelkome to South Korean Cuisine.
  1. jim says:

    Far too little information about the whelks Peter. Was Barry offering a good deal? Do they only work in South Korea?
    I find it hard to believe that your conversation, as a man with an enquiring mind, was limited to an aside such as: “I sell whelks to South Korea, they are an aphrodisiac you know”

    • Yes…not evidence based..you’re quite right. We plan to feed Colin whelks for the next month and see what happens. At the moment his sole interest in life is food, so if he starts chatting up (barking up?) any pretty French poodles we’ll know there is an effect. They don’t call me Mr Scientific for nothing.

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