Lawrie and Cheryl


We are in Le Bugue…..X marks the spot.
We set off from Bergerac following the Dordogne, lunched at the aire in Lalinde, then moved on to stay at Les Trois Caupains campsite in Le Bugue.

Le Bugue is a little town on the Vézère, which is a tributary of the Dordogne.

lebuguepond lebuguebridge

Walking around Le Bugue we bumped in to Lawrie, from Michigan, who spends a few months each year here in her lovely house on the Grande Rue. She lives next door to Cheryl, also a temporary migrant from the US.


This is Cheryls house in Le Bugue, easily spotted from Lawrie’s description by the three fountains. They kindly gave us tea.



The next day we cycled up through Le Bugue to Bara-Bahau, a cave about half a mile beyond Le Bugue. The Vezere valley is a treasure trove of prehistoric finds; the famous cave paintings at Lascaux are at the head of the valley, and date from 30,000 years ago. This cave was inhabited 17,000 years ago and contains a plethora of engravings of bison, horses, other animals and the odd phallic symbol. The engravers scraped out the outlines of the animals on the soft limestone, using flints and sharpened bones, and utilising the natural reliefs on the cave walls for the stomachs, chests and other bulgy bits.
The cave was the home for hibernating cave bears before man swung by and there are claw marks scattered throughout the caves. These are bears teeth and parts of mandibles  found in the cave.
Two bulls kindly posed for us on the way back to Mavis.


Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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3 comments on “Lawrie and Cheryl
  1. Chris R. says:

    Good to see big companies like ICI sponsoring archaeological sites.

  2. James S says:

    Funny you should mention that Chris, a taxi driver in Rome was saying that they have to rely on private or corporate investment (in exchange for Ad space) to renovate buildings and national treasures as the govt has run out of money. Too much bunga bunga, or whatever the french equivalent is here

    Hi Pete, Nia. Mum has just put me onto the site so I will be watching with interest, until my jealousy gets the better of me. Safe Travels

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