Playa de Los Muertos

Monday November 5th.

This is Playa de Los Muertos, between Agua Amarga and Las Carboneras, about 20 km East of where we are staying. The name means, I think, the Beach of the Dead. Maybe that was why it was practically deserted. Or perhaps it was the 500 m walk from the road.

Sorry Jim but it was swimsuit temperatures. Not bad for Guy Fawkes day.

As you can see the water was pretty warm. For November.

And plenty of sticks to fight over.

Spookily enough, about 5 minutes after we’d changed in to our swimmins, the sun went behind a cloud, and pretty much stayed there. So we moved on, to this Torre on a headland above the bay.

It was a good walk up, along a recycled mine road, to the tower and lighthouse at the top.

This is the Faro Roldán. (We have now worked out that a Faro is a lighthouse).

And in the distance this is the Punta de la Media Naranja;  Point of the Half Orange? Middle Orange? (Like Middle Wallop?) Suggestions please.


Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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4 comments on “Playa de Los Muertos
  1. Val Palmer says:

    Google translate suggests “better half” ( so not a literal translation, then)….Point of the better part of the land?? I prefer your translation, Peter; Google always was a bit boring….
    Val XX

  2. Jane Ions says:

    Maybe what’s the point of half an orange?

  3. Walter says:

    Colloquial – soulmate (we fit together)
    No idea if it’s a death, a memory.
    When you get there, ask a native

    was a TVE sitcom “Media Naranja” (1986) About Julia, young, enterprising, lively and energetic, the bidie-in of Luis, shy and timid. Wikipedia is your friend!
    Most appropriate, like Nia and Peter

    • Haha – thanks Walter. I love the young, enterprising, lively energetic! Sitting in Mavis with my early morning cuppa feeling I could use a bit of lively energy to propel me towards the shower … Perhaps I’ll just have another cuppa first, Love Nia xxxx

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