Saturday Morning Fever

On Saturday Morning we cycled off to the market in the town next to the campsite…Cabo de Gata…and discovered a positive cornucopia of luscious fresh fruit and vegetables.
Some of the booty. We went a bit mad and bought loads of lovely grub. The spherical pale green jobs in the top of the picture are custard fruits. When they go squishy, it took ours a couple of days, you can attack them with a teaspoon. A bit like eating a boiled egg. They have a sweet yellowish white custardy filling, with a few large black pips.
There was a minor incident on the way back, when the dogs I was very cleverly leading on a double lead from my pushbike spotted a pussy cat and set off at Mach 3, still attached to my left handlebar. Result… me in a large cactus. Still, it was good entertainment for half of the campsite who seemed to be jobbing about in the locale.
After I had regained my composure, we went to a bar about a mile from the campsite and had tapas….sardines, meat in tomato sauce, jamon (ham), battered fish fillets, with some friends.

On Sunday we drove to Níjar, a small village on a hillside to the North east. And you can see the Jennings’ legs. Proof positive that the sun is shining here. I had to dig out the old blue shorts, the khaki ones being soaked to remove the blood stains from the cactus incident. Thank you Penny.

It is a very flowery village.

We made the mistake of going into the oficina de turismo, which turned out to be a gift shop, and bought some ceramics, and a very colourful cotton rug. This is the loom it was made on, a bit like Val’s.

We stopped at the bar next door for dos cafe con leche, before setting off to walk to Huebro, a small village in the hills above Níjar.

The road to Huebro.

Looking down towards Níjar. The ubiquitous Almerían greenhouses can be seen in the background.

Nia, about to be run over by the car approaching from 1 o’clock.

In the afternoon we drove to Las Negras, on the coast, for picnic lunch.

Volcanic sand beach at Las Negras.

We walked up to the top of this headland. Just the first one!


Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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2 comments on “Saturday Morning Fever
  1. jim says:

    Stop! Enough is enough! Unless you can come up with a genuine shot of wind and horizontal rain in the very near future we demand a break from sun-soaked fun (not to mention navy shorts). Jealousy can be all pervasive and bad for the digestion.

  2. Bella says:

    You should have taken the French man up on his offer and exchanged dogs for children – they wouldn’t have run after the cat and you would have been safe on the bike.

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