Crossing the channel and a bit of French Passion

We left the caravan club site at Folkestone (reasonably) early to check in for the ferry crossing.

Penny and Colin are now old sea dogs and take a ferry crossing in their stride. They have their pet passports ready at check in and always like to get out for a last minute stroll round the quayside. They were particularly pleased this morning because a very nice Belgian lady, returning from Crufts dog show with her Shih Tzu asked if Penny and Colin were travelling home from Crufts as well. Colin thinks he’d like to be a show dog, he suspects it involves biscuits.

Anyway … I digress… we left Dover in beautiful warm sunshine and arrived in Dunkerque in thick fog, which fortunately cleared as we headed south.

Now when I mentioned a bit of French Passion in the title to this post you may have thought that Jennings has been getting a bit carried away. I can reassure you that this is an altogether different ‘French Passion’. Passions are farms and vineyards that allow motorhomes to stay with them free of charge in the hope of flogging their produce.

We stayed at Luzoir, north of Laon with a Charcuterie and bought an enormous chunk of paté de champagne for €5.


Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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3 comments on “Crossing the channel and a bit of French Passion
  1. jim palmer says:

    Happy birthday Peter ! Go on, treat yourself to a bit of passion – stick your motor home in the nearest farm and get off down the pub, when you get to your age every year is precious !

  2. Happy Birthday to you too, Jim. Hope you have taken your own advice and celebrated in style, Love Peter and Nia xxx

  3. gill robinson says:

    allo allo mes amis impressed huh? hope you are having a bon vacance en france. not much change here same old. sheila and eileen bought be a credit voucher for celebrations for my birthday so can get a few caramel lattes on the house might even upgrade to a scone…….. anyway aurevoir the noo catch you soon gillxxxxxx

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