Arthur and Joan

11th March near Folkestone

This evening we shared a bottle or two of Pinot Grigio with Arthur and Joan at Black Horse Caravan Club Site near Folkestone. They, like us, are heading to France in the morning.

Joan wandered over from the motorhome ‘next door’ and asked Peter if “he could help her fiancé get onto the internet” and as Peter left she told me “I thought he looked like he would know how to work a computer” (???).

The computer problems were quickly sorted and before long Arthur and Joan were in Mavis and what an interesting couple they turned out to be.

As they both approach the age of 80, they are en-route to Charente, house hunting. They are selling their respective homes in Shropshire to move to France to live. Next month, they are getting married – fourth time for Joan, (on the subject of changing husbands; advised me to “Always move upwards”) – who will be walking down the aisle to ‘The arrival of the Queen of Sheba’ when she ties the knot with Arthur a retired Red Arrows pilot.


Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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2 comments on “Arthur and Joan
  1. Chris R. says:

    “I thought he looked like he would know how to work a computer” Short-sighted was she? And Nia, it won’t be difficult for you to move upwards next time….just pick anyone.

  2. Nicky Jennings says:

    Great advise and 4 husbands…thats very good going!!

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