Ramatuelle…the sous chef is unleashed.

Track along the south of France

Track along the south of France

We are working our way along the coast of Provence. Maybe working isn’t the right word. Meandering. For two days we have been encamped on an aire at Ramatuelle, about 12 miles to the south of St Tropez, soaking up the sun.

Giens to Ramatuelle

Giens to Ramatuelle

We had planned to drive from Giens to St Tropez and stay at the aire there but found nose to tail traffic heading in to St Trop, from about 4 miles outside the city. Also, we had google street viewed the aire the night before and it had seemed it might be a bit difficult to get to, so we decided to change plans and head to Ramatuelle where there is a large aire about 50 meters from Pampelonne beach.

Suicidal Scooters

Suicidal Scooters

Large numbers of scooters and other noisy two wheelers…the fart blasters so well described in ‘Narrow Dog to Carcassone’….weave in and out of the traffic around St Tropez.

Beach at Pampelonne

Beach at Pampelonne

This will be a short blog post as we didn’t do much other than sunbathe and swim for a couple of days. The aire ( N 43.211275, E 6.662307 ) is spacious and well resourced with water, drainage, morning visit from the baker and so on. It is €8 per night. There is a bar/restaurant on the beach.
On the Saturday night Nia opted for barbecued burgers, peppers, onions and frites, cooked by the sous chef (moi) washed down with a drop or two of merlot.
We have in fact had several meals out recently…I am being introduced to the concept of a birthday week. It is Nia’s birthday very soon and apparently rather than a simple night out on the night, I am now expected to cough up for multiple meals throughout the week of the birthday….that idea came over from the States courtesy of our daughter. Thanks Nicky.

Sunrise at Ramatuelle

Sunrise at Ramatuelle

Early Morning Fishing

Early Morning Fishing

Sunday morning dawned a little cloudy…..what is happening? We will move a little further up the coast. Time to join the jet set in Cannes soon.


Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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3 comments on “Ramatuelle…the sous chef is unleashed.
  1. Jim Palmer says:

    Peter and Nia,

    We have just arrived back from a 4day visit to Ruth in Clapham who related the following conversation overheard in a Knightsbridge Waitrose:

    ” Daddy does Lego have a silent T like Merlot ? ”

    Keep on blogging, but please play down the sea and sun a bit for us stay at home Cumbrians


  2. Rosie Pike says:

    Pampelonne beach, I can still see the topless food sellers walking along the beach with their trays of doughnuts and baguettes and shouting out ‘pain beignets’! Clearly not in your photo just my memory!

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