Eels for Tea

Route North

Route North

We drove 80 miles north to an aire (N 48.77259 E 1.19214 ) at Nonancourt which is a small town about 40 miles north of Chartres. We often listen to audiobooks on the longer drives. At the moment we have Paula McLain’s ‘The Paris Wife’ on the go. It’s about Ernest Hemingway’s life in Paris with his first wife in the 1920s. Its a great book ( great listen?).
The aire at Nonancourt is small and was busy the night we stayed.



But good for a night halt…water, drainage etc and no charge.

The next day we drove through the rain north 60 miles or so to the aire at La Mailleraye sur Seine, which is one of our favourites. (N 49.48451 E 0.77321 )

Police Escort

Police Escort

We’re trying not to take this personally but we seem to have been sent a motorbike gendarme, flashing blue lights and all, to escort us up to Calais and off the premises.

Aire at La Mailleraye

Aire at La Mailleraye

A bit wet on the aire looks better in the sun.



We saw this Shag gobbling a very active eel for its tea. It must be like having butterflies in your stomach. Just wrigglier.

View through the Front Window

View through the Front Window

Tankers and other seagoing craft chug up and down the Seine all the time. One of them hit a bridge at Rouen last year.

There is a good restaurant here at La Mailleraye. We are heading there for a blowout shortly.


Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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One comment on “Eels for Tea
  1. Rosie Pike says:

    What?!! You didn’t eat at Le Grand Cerf in Nonancourt last night!!! Saving your blowout for tonight. Enjoy and safe travels home. x

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