We moved west a few miles to Gordes, an old town with Roman roots on a hill overlooking the Luberon valley.

Route to Gordes

Route to Gordes

We stayed at the aire to the west of Gordes (N 43.914142 E 5.197184) . Surrounded on several sides by sheer limestone cliffs and with a Gendarmerie at the entrance, it must be one of the more secure aires of the region.

Aire at Gordes

Aire at Gordes

There is a good dog walk to the north of the aire, up a steepish path between tall limestone walls. It leads eventually to some very expensive gated properties set in old olive groves with a nicely landscaped helicopter landing pad.

Renaissance Château

Renaissance Château

The château, rebuilt in the 15th century, overlooks the main square.


There are many pretty steep pebbled ‘calades’ (alleyways) which lead you from one boutique to another….it is a bit of a tourist centre.





There are good views over the Luberon valley from the edge of the town, very blowy on the day of our visit. This was the notorious Mistral, a powerful wind which comes down off the mountains of Provence from time to time. Apparently it blows all the clouds away and is responsible for the very high number of sunny days down here.

Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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