This is Saumur from the bridge on the way South from Sillé La Guillaume.


We are in the Loire valley, about 10 miles south of Saumur, at a site called Camping Le Thouet. This is a favourite site, accessed down a narrow lane between vineyards currently bursting with grapes, and basically just a large level field between woods and the River Thouet, which is a tributary of the Loire. Camping Le Thouet is 2 miles from Montreuil Bellay, a medieval walled city.


Mavis surrounded by Autumn leaves at Le Thouet.

We cycled in to Montreuil Bellay on the first evening, leaving a Jennings chicken curry to cook slowly (but not slowly enough as it turned out) whilst we explored.


This is the Pont Napoleon, overlooking St Catherines Port. Built in 1811, it was part of the towns expansion on the basis of water born commercial activity.


The south side of the Pont Napoleon, looking over towards the chateau and parish church of Notre Dame.


One of the three chateaux within the 16th century city walls. The oldest chateau dates from 1420. Note the black clouds…the weather became a little inclement with over an inch of rain the next day (most of which fell on Jane).


Part of the ruins of the 11th century St Pierres church, sitting at the base of the chateaux, in front of Le Thouet.


Looking North along Le Thouet from St Pierres.

After a verre de vin blanc in a cafe overlooking the chateau we cycled back for the curry, a little black at the edges but resuscitated by fishing out the more densely carbonised elements and adding more yogurt. The dogs enjoyed the burnt bits for breakfast the next day. Good for the digestion I understand.


Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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One comment on “Ville-Fleurie…….Montreuil-Bellay
  1. Kate Robertson says:

    Le Thouet looks like an excellent site. We really enjoyed the Loire valley and would like to go back there. Keep an eye open for ospreys fishing on the river. I love the internal wind deodorising arrangements for the dogs. If it worked we will try it when we dog-sit. x

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