Les Galets de La Molliere. Pebbles, not cakes.


Nous somme in the Somme. After a quiet crossing of the channel….embark at 8, full English breakfast, token trawl of the not very duty free shop, drive off at 11am…we headed South and spent the first night in Les Galets de la Molliere, a campsite near Cayeux on the South side of the Somme Estuary, in Picardy.


We cycled out to the northwest tip of the bay on the first night, after a bit of casting about to find the cycle track. Not to be confused with galettes (cakes), galets are pebbles and there are a zillion or two lying about here on the beach at Le Hourdel, which is a small cluster of houses and bars next to the lighthouse on the point.


The Lighthouse at Le Hourdel.

The next morning we moved to the Aire just outside the campsite.


Mavis looking out over the Sand Dunes in the Aire


Looking out from Mavis.


A friendly french Kestrel kindly put on a flying display for us whilst breakfasting just outside our window on voles, frogs, insects and the like. The Kestrel that is, not us.

It was another scorching day…Nia got a sunburnt nose sitting in a deckchair stripping Colin. We spent the  morning cycling along the void verte. The voies vertes are brilliant french cycleways…non motorised traffic only…which wind for miles through the French countryside. This one extends from Le Hourdel to Abbeville. We biked as far as St Valery sur Mer, where the voie was closed for roadworks. We are leaving the eastern section, which accompanies the canal de la Somme, for another day.


The Voie Verte


We had another flying display in the evening. This time by a motorised paraglider doing steep turns at zero feet above the dunes.


Penny doing an impression of a doormat.


Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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2 comments on “Les Galets de La Molliere. Pebbles, not cakes.
  1. gill robinson says:

    bonjour mes amis, off on another adventure. all well here still job hunting. will catch up with sheila and eileen soon. au revoir the noo abientot xxx

  2. Bonjour Gilly,
    Good luck with the job hunting, give my love to the girls.
    Having a great time here and loving the new motorhome.
    Au revoir the noo to you too,
    Love Nia xxx

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