Bordeaux….Les Girondins

We set off from Capbreton, aiming to stay at an aire on the Gironde, but diverted to Camping Beau Soleil in Bordeaux when the windscreens wipers (essuie-glaces as I now know them to be) packed in, and we needed a Fiat garage. The requisite bit needing to be ordered, we took a bus and tram into Bordeaux city centre for the day.

First stop; the Monument aux Girondins. The Girondins were prominent politicians from the region, initially supportive of the revolution but not hardline enough for Robespierre, who had them guillotined. They had been denounced by Marat, who was subsequently stabbed in his bath by 24 year old Charlotte Corday in retribution. Possibly better to keep out of politics at that time.

There is a fantastic collection of metal figures in fountains around the base of the monument.Due to be melted down for arms in the last war, they were saved by being hidden in a barn in the Medoc by the resistance, who dismantled and removed them the night before they were going to be purloined by the Nazis.

There is a good network of trams and buses covering Bordeaux, €1-40 gives you an hours travel anywhere on the network. Dogs go free.

Colin does not like trams….noisy and scary….and has to be carried.

The river running through Bordeaux is the Garonne. This is the Pont de Pierre, from the Quai Louis XVIII.

This is the Miroir d’Eau, on the Garonne waterfront.

The water runs in and out of the mirror every 10 minutes or so, through 101 small plug holes. Ingenious.

Nia in front of the Aquitaine arch, in the Place de la Victoire.

Large bronze tortoise munching grapes in the Place de la Victoire…..apparently a good meeting point for locals…like the Carlisle Otters.


Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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