Colin’s Blog – In the Doghouse

I have been a bit poorly, I have had a bad tummy and was feeling very sorry for myself. I was lying on my back with my feet in the air doing my best to look ‘hangdog’, when I heard my humans talking about me. I thought they might be saying something like “Poor Colin is really, really sick, what he needs to make him better is a packet of sausages, pan au chocolat or a juicy chunk of that smelly French cheese he likes”. BUT what they were actually saying was “Colin is in the doghouse, he has eaten something disgusting and made himself sick, he needs to starve for 24 hours till his tummy settles down”. That’s not right! … well … it is right that I did a bit of foraging. I was being enterprising and supplementing my meagre rations. I refuse to say what I ate, no one will ever know but it smelt wonderful, really strong and pongy, just how I like it.

Please send all flowers, cards and food parcels to Colin the Dog c/o Mavis the Motorhome, France – on second thoughts don’t bother with the flowers, just send lots of food.

Colin x

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3 comments on “Colin’s Blog – In the Doghouse
  1. marksutton329 says:

    Poor Colin.
    Im so sorry to hear your not well, I wish you a speedy recovery and hope you get back to enjoying the finer things in life such as sausages, smelly french cheese and pan au chocolat. Get well soon.
    Lots of love and tummy tickles 🙂
    Mark X

    • Thanks Mark,
      It hasn’t stopped him scrounging and it won’t stop him scavenging and eating unspeakable things, he’s just put out that we have stopped his treats for 24 hours to rest his tummy. You should see the looks we’re getting!
      Hope you’re well,
      Love Nia xxx

      • marksutton329 says:

        I am fine thank you Nia, I hope you and Peter are well. I take it your journey is now bringing you back home to blighty? I have really enjoyed reading your blogs and will miss following your adventures, I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and have a safe passage home. Take care,
        Love Mark xxx

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