Aranjuez is 50 km South of Madrid, and previously the spring retreat for the Spanish royal family.
We arrived here yesterday November 13th (after a couple of supermarket stops to invest in some christmas cava), and set out for a cycle ride around the palaces and gardens.

This is the Rio Tajo. The site (Camping Internacional Aranjuez, we like it) backs on to this river.

Palacio Real de Aranjuez. Built by King Philip 2nd in second half of 16th century.

Bob and Mirveen, fellow travellers, in front of the Palacio.

The palace and gardens inspired the Concerto of Aranjuez. Composed by Joaquín Rodrigo (blind since he was 3) in 1939.
Well worth a listen if you don’t know it by name.

You will find it familiar.

Fuente de la Mariblanca.

Iglesia de San Antonio.

Statue from Gardens. Caption suggestions please.

And this one.

After stopping for coffees at the Green Frog restaurant, we cycled on, on largely deserted roads and tracks, around the city.

The cats are very friendly around here.

Where did it go?


Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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15 comments on “Aranjuez
  1. jim says:

    Captions as requested:
    1. “Before I move on from the simple squeeze from behind are you man or woman?
    2. What! Me take advantage of one of your fallen angels?

  2. Jane says:

    He just got her clothes off and she choked on a peanut.

  3. Jane says:

    ” Breastfeed it? Are you sure?”

  4. A strong entry from the Berlin Dental College has ended up in the wrong post….it was as follows:

    Caption no 1:

    Heimlich war hier.

    and Caption no 2 Wo ist das Heimlich, wenn man ihn braucht?

  5. Dylan Jones says:

    I’ve heard of using your balls as brains but this is ridiculous

  6. Dylan Jones says:

    Caption 2 Kamasutra position number 101………..On a wing and a prayer

  7. Dylan Jones says:

    Caption 2 “Keep flapping Man and we’ll soon be flying”

  8. Dylan Jones says:

    Caption 1 “Who says you can’t have Rumpy-Pumpy while eating an icecream?”

  9. Trix Jones says:

    Pete was determined to retrieve his last Rolo.

  10. RunningBear says:

    Number 1. ” I wish I had read the manual Eve”
    Number 2. Leonardo said this would be OK, but I am not sure


  11. Boss lady says:

    No2. Is this oven ready?

  12. Running bear says:

    Sorry it’s six o’clock time for the Friday wine so all comments will now cease.

  13. Jane says:

    No 2. But what will our children look like?

  14. Jane says:

    No 1 She wished he would just ring the doorbell.

  15. Trix Jones says:

    No 2 He says that he didn’t realise Penny and Colin were YOUR dogs,
    but he’d like you to know they were very tasty.

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