Nia on national TV

Monday 12th November. We set off at 10 am from Camping Las Lomas, and took the road up to the ski resort of Sierra Nevada.

The resort is over 2000 meters high (6990 feet on Nia’s iPhone) ….somewhat over Ben Nevis level I think…and we were soon above the clouds and the snow line. There had been a huge dump of snow in Sierra Nevada over the weekend but the snow ploughs had been out and we made it up without any trouble.

Mavis parked up next to a big snowdrift.


Nia by the Ski lift station.


Spanish TV (national channel) were there filming, because of the snow, and asked if they could film Nia and the dogs playing in the snow. Nia, keen as ever on a bit of publicity, agreed.


David Jimenez, the cameraman.


Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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4 comments on “Nia on national TV
  1. Chris R says:

    What a showoff!! Colin I mean, obviously.

  2. BBBrrrrrrr!! What a contrast from the sunshine of Cabo. Nia we must get your autograph now that you’ve been on tv!! Stunning photos. xx

  3. Maureen & Mike says:

    You’ll have your own TV series next. Hmm, wonder what that might be called?

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