The Alhambra

Thursday 8th November. We left Cabo de Gata after a great couple of weeks, and having been made really welcome by the longer term residents at the campsite. We headed North for Granada and parked up in the Alhambra car park at lunchtime, declining the kind offer of the Alhambra official in plain clothes who tried to beckon us in to a layby a few hundred metres before the official carpark (thanks to Bob and Sandra’s friend Burgi who had warned us about this scam).

The Alhambra is an amazing collection of palaces, castles, towers and gardens. Mostly of Moorish design and construction, but with some Christian buildings and influence after a change of ownership 500 years or so ago. The Nasrin palaces are the most striking examples of Moorish art, with intricate stucco work, friezes, hieroglyphs and mosaics everywhere you look.

This is the Patio de los Arraynes…The Myrtle Cortyard. The pool reflects the Comares Tower.

Alhambra Fatigue.

This is the Patio de Los Leones….The Patio of the Lions.

The Garden of the Linderaja….The Boudoir of the Sultana.

The view from the Alhambra. The snow capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada are in the distance.

The Generalife…the water gardens close to the Alhambra palaces.

View from the Generalife Palace.

The Patio of the Sultana.

La Escalera del Agua….The Water Staircase.


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6 comments on “The Alhambra
  1. Nikolos says:

    Stunning place. Hope you get to the mosque in Cordoba which is equally stunning.
    Nikolos x

  2. My goodness Peter and Nia so glad we had that conversation with Burgi about the parking scam. Your photos are beautiful the Alhambra is stunning we knew you would enjoy your visit there. We look forward to further news of your travels. Sandra and Bob xx.

    • Hi Sandra & Bob, Yes, The Alhambra was absolutely breathtaking and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit. Please pass on a huge thank you from us both to Burgi for the warning about the parking scam, we may have been caught out if she hadn’t forewarned us.
      We’re now enjoying the Sierra Nevada but missed Cabo de Gata market and tapas with our friends today.
      Love Nia xxxx

  3. Beth and Andy Laycock says:

    Hi Peter and Nia,
    Your pictures are fantastic. We are really enjoying following your journey. The Alhambra visit brought back happy memories of our trip there a few years ago (pre-children)- mid-summer amid the heat and crowds. We loved the water flowing down the balustrades- it happens regularly in Skipton but not so appealing at 4deg C!
    Love Andy and Beth

  4. Margaret Chalmers says:

    Caption no 1:

    Heimlich war hier.

    and Caption no 2 Wo ist das Heimlich, wenn man ihn braucht?

    Yours most Sincerely,

    Dipso Maniac.

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