Avagliana….Guido the hairless.

The lake next to the campsite in Avagliana

The campsite was shut when we arrived but after sitting in front of the gates for a few minutes, looking forlorn, a much pierced and tattooed Italian took pity and let us in…said they would open up for us. A bit disorganised…the first electricity supply we tried had a live-earth polarity reversal…not ideal…. but the second was just a live-neutral reverse….we have a lead to deal with this.

The site is between two lakes..the largos grande and piccolo

The larger lake

We took the hounds for a walk around the lakes. This is the larger of the two, where we stopped for a spectacular drop of the local vino blanco. So good that I asked the barman to write the name down.

We walked on, stopped to watch a game of baseball. After a dozen or so pitches, with none of which the batsman ( baseball bat…..batman?…batmen?) connected, we got bored on moved on, to Avagliano tower. This was a shadow of its former self, having been destroyed by Henry Vth (not ours…another one), several hundred years ago. Presumably the burghers (not how he pronounced it) of Avagliana had been getting up his nose. It was originally built by Guido the hairless in about the 5th century.

Penny the hairy scampered up the final steel steps to the top of the tower then had a panic attack, couldn’t get down, and had to be rescued.


Rambling about Europe with the Kray Twins (Colin and Penny).

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4 comments on “Avagliana….Guido the hairless.
  1. Helen says:

    Hi Guys
    Enjoying the blog. You look to be having fun.

  2. Trix Jones says:

    Mmmmm – a live earth polarity reversal? Is this similar to chainsaws and log benches?

  3. Kate Robertson says:

    Hi! Chris the hairless doesn’t like heights either. Live-earth polarity reversal – doesn’t that take you into warp drive? Carry on, Captain.

  4. Chris R. says:

    Are you sure it is a Caravan Club approved site?

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